The silly dude from Georgia knocked out 2 nine year old kids

The coach, who was identified as Gerrell Williams must have been a bully in his youth and sought out the weak to beat up. How he got the job to coach a peewee football team is beyond comprehension, 'cos he must have displayed this uncontrolled rage before.

He may need to move to another country where no one has seen the video, but that may be impossible.

The parents of the boys did not press charges and accepted his apology, but the cops chose to ignore their decision and have proceeded with arrest. Are they taking that action because the man is black? Many are asking that question. Yes he has done a bad act, but why not help him reform his mind. He clearly suffered abuse in his youth and has mental issues. If help is applicable to other races, get this man the help instead of yet another black man in jail.

The silly dude from Georgia knocked out 2 nine year old kids

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