The man who was ressurected in Johannesburg has gone into hiding for fear of attack from the con pastor

The man seen in a now globally popular video as being resurrected from death by a renowned con-preacher in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been reported to be hiding from the strong men thugs of pastor Alph Lukau. Reports are the pastor has threatened to kill Brighton Moyo and his family if he reveals that he was paid by the Alleluia Ministries International church to act the role as a dead man.

The employer of Moyo has come forth to clarify that Moyo is not at all dead and never WAS as the lying preacher stated, but has been missing from work since Friday.

The con preacher it seems, is being protected by a crime organization in South Africa, which no doubt includes member of the police and the government, all who are being paid by the church, hence the reason no legal action has been brought against the church and they are still allowed to rob the idiotic masses that support them.

The preacher is on a damage control campaign and using the weak and gullible believers to protect him. One of his front men Busci Gaca has stated

“At the outset both Alleluia Ministries and Pastor Alph (Lukau) want to make it abundantly clear that they remain steadfast in their belief that through the power of God, people cannot only be healed but they can also be resurrected from the dead,”

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