Friday, November 24th
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Ghanaian Bishop Daniel Obinim says he can grow men’s dick just by touching it

Have Black people in some African countries just gone full dumbass? Ghanaian Bishop Daniel Obinim have used miracle lies to rob the poor and ignorant of what little they have. He has told them that a god has sent him to heal them of every possible ailment, and the idiots believe and throw money at him.

His latest scam is the promise to give all the men bigger dicks, if they just let him touch their dicks! WTF!

‘What do you want that I can’t offer? If you want big buttocks I can do it for you. If you want big breasts, I can help. If you have a small manhood, I can change them all when I come to the spiritual realm.’

This should be the kick ass jam for the 2016 holidays – Tiggs Da Author “Run”

‘Run’ has hit 1 million plays on Spotify and ‘Georgia’ is on 2 million plays Thank you guys so much for listening to both of them and I’m gonna be putting some new music on there real soon X

Tiggs Da Author was born in Tanzania and raised in London and just has mad love for music of genres.

Influenced by a diverse range of musical genres, from Motown to Grime, the multi-faceted rapper, singer, songwriter is most definitely one of a kind. We can’t get enough of introductory track ‘Georgia‘, so thought it was in everyone’s best interests if we delved a little deeper to find out a bit more about the name that is set to be on everyone’s lips over the course of the coming months.

The mighty power of white male privilege on display

On Thursday December 1, a bit of road rage in New Orleans ended with gunshots and an NFL player dead.

Joe McKnight was shot and killed by 54 year old Ronald Gasser, and by rule of the law, when the perp is a white male, Gasser was processed and released until “further investigation”.

A witness said she saw McKnight “trying to apologize” to the man after a traffic accident. The witness says the gunman then shot McKnight once, stood over him and said, “I told you not to fuck with me,” and fired another shot into the former NFL star. That account was later discredited by Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand who said that Gasser was in his car when he fired the shots. Normand told the media the day after the shooting, “Everyone should pause and reflect and recognize that a rush to judgment does not equal anything. The easiest thing for me would have been, ‘Book ’em, Danno.’ But the fact of the matter is in trying to flesh out these details we chose not to do that.” Really what he meant was “we only arrest Black men on the spot and may investigate later”

Gasser lived in rural Gretna, LA and was a loner. A neighbor who was interviewed said he kept to himself and often said he hoped a nigger would try him one day so he could kill him, because he stood his ground. She said he was always strapped with his handgun in plain view.

As usual the bigots are out to protect Gasser and the language is vicious.

And ppl wonder why Trump won. It’s because of Anti-White racists punks like you and your Anti-White racist rhetoric. Keep it up and see what is going to come of it in the very near future. This is only the beginning. You think European Americans are just supposed to sit idly back and embrace all out racism against them that Liberals like you are forcing upon us? Ahahaha, that is NOT going to happen my friend. You Liberals have been asking for a fight for years and years now, well, you have awaken ONE PISSED OFF SLEEPING F-ING GIANT and you are all to blame for it.

You shouldn’t have started this fight if you didn’t want it.


Israel says:

Anyone who trusts you deserve what they get.that rich football player obviously was given the chance to win because he was no threat and allowed by whites.did God use his murder to in his final moments teach him that he should never have trusted you? Yes. Good riddance of justice


When you become the cover image, you are king of the world

When you’ve won 3 consecutive Olympic multi sprint races, you get the call that many of us dream about: “we would like to have you on our magazine cover”!

Usain Bolt get so many of those calls from top magazine around the globe, that he has to reject a few. Not because he does not want the money or that he’s cocky, but that he just does not have the time.












1978 peace concert in Kingston, Jamaica

The political turmoil in Jamaica during 1970 – 1980 were violent, and Bob Marley along with other Jamaican musical celebrities held a concert to attempt to stimulate a peace treaty between the PNP and JLP, by visually uniting the leaders, Edward Seaga and Michael Manley. The concert was great but the effort failed almost immediately. The next time both leaders shook hands, was at Bob Marley’s funeral in 1981.

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peace-concert-001 peace-concert-002 peace-concert-003 peace-concert-004 peace-concert-005 peace-concert-006 peace-concert-007 peace-concert-008 peace-concert-009 peace-concert-010

Internet illusions that make people famous

Nothings gains more attention than a video or photo that seems impossible or spectacular, and on the web, there are man. The most popular has been a rock in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

As you can see, there is no cliff below the rock, but when the image is cropped or the camera angle is different, it looks like a death drop.



illusion-rock-brazil-001 illusion-rock-brazil-002 illusion-rock-brazil-003

What will you do when the blatant racism reaches your neighborhood?

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