Thursday, January 24th
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White Supremacists Promise War Against Black Americans If Donald Trump Loses

The American KKK and all other white nationalist and supremacist terror groups have been publicly open about their support for Trump and absolute hate of non-whites. Their idiotic support of the converted liberal Donald Trump’s falsehood-ridden campaign, suggests that the people in the extreme right movement have lost their perspective on reality. This is bad for America as we know it.

They are now openly threatening to attack Black Americans and Jews if Donald Trump loses the Presidential election. This sentiment is exemplified by a Donald Trump supporter and suspected white supremacist and self-described “Christian soldier” from Greenville, South Carolina named Jim Moseley. He is already stocking ammunition and canned goods to prepare for what he believes will be a second civil war, to kill all Black people in America.


“Liberals will have targets on their backs, as their behaviors are pretty much evident. Race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform!”

These white-trash ignorant bigots must think Black Americans today are those of their grand parents, who lived by the rule of the white god, and were willing to ‘turn the cheek’. Today there is guaranteed warfare and many dumb white trash and their families will die. Join a Black owned gun club like the National African American Gun Association and learn to shoot accurately.


Get your legal guns prepared to defend your ground. The bigots are ready and no white cop will defend you


It ain’t gonna be like it was.

Semaje Iese

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