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What is the correct judgement on this?

Rape is defined as taking dat ass without consent! That said, rape applies to both men and women, gay and straight. Those who have been accused of rape sometimes state, mainly men on women, that the woman was asking for it because of her skimpy attire and her flirting. The claim could be true. A woman may see an opportunity to attract a wealthy male (or female) and lead them to think she wants to let them hit it, go to the room in private, get butt nekked and then resist. Knowing at that point the man is going to take it. Now that she has his semen trapped, she reports rape and has all the evidence. Regardless of the man’s defense, the law will side with the distraught woman and the goes to jail.

What the woman (or man) who gets naked in the presence of someone she knows wants to fuck her (or him), is tantamount to getting into a lion’s den and teasing it. Should the lion die because you teased it or should a judgement call be made by the authority to determine that you knew what would happen and provoked the action? Protesting rape in the nude will get attention, but it is stupid. Take pride in self and display modesty while protesting, and that will garner positive attention and be taken seriously. This behavior just shows a barbaric nature.

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