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Ted Nugent “black people just have this weird, permanent skin disease which somehow affects their behavior”

These idiots have no place to go so they hang around and spew nonsense but can never change anything. They’ve existed forever, and with all their hate and violence, they can never stomp out non-whites. Their daily lives must be sad and miserable. I’d be upset if there was someone or something that bothered me but there was absolutely nothing I could do to change it.

The bigot Ted Nugent went nuts on right wing christian conservative radio show, Joe Pags, stating that anyone who doesn’t like him must hate America and everything the country stands for. I tried to find some small sense in his rhetoric but it just seemed like an idiot who just escaped a cave. A neanderthal.

“There’s nothing more anti-American than the freaks that hate me, like Bernie Mao Zedong Sanders. As the freaks hate me, I go, Man, I really am right all the time”

“Like, take black people, for example, You’ve got these people, right, and they’re always on about oppression and racial inequality. And they’re flat out lying. Because I’ve never seen a race of people that has so much in common with white folks, and at the same time, hates their guts. You can’t tell me that’s good for this country.”

“African Americans in this country have an urge to blend in with white people. There’s poor white people and also poor black people. There’s rich white people, and then there’s also rich black people. We’ve had white presidents for two hundred years, now we’ve even got a half-white president, whose other half is black. And we had to do it that way because a full-on, completely black president would have been too much. Doing it step by step, in parts, was much safer. If that’s not equality, I don’t know what is.”

“And you or anybody else can hate me all you want for saying it out loud. The truth is, I don’t care what anybody thinks, and also, have you noticed how some of the most hated people today are the ones who are telling the truth straight up and without hesitation? Take Donald Trump, for example. The man has been calling out a ton of chicken-shits and cowards since he started running for president, and Obama’s one of them. I mean, just like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats, but that’s not the point right now. And the people recognize that, that’s why they trust him.”

“And Obama is also on Trump’s assassination list. Because not only is he half-black, which proves my aforementioned point, but he’s also Muslim. And I don’t care what he says he is, the fact is he’s not fooling anyone. So, therefore, I don’t hate black people. At all. They are people too, just like us. And I recognize that. They just have this weird, permanent skin disease which somehow affects their behavior. And they lie. Like, really a lot. And that’s the part that bothers me. To be quite honest, I kind of even feel sorry for them a little bit”

Get your legal guns cleaned and ready, because this idiot and his dumb friends are gearing up to attack. Be ready to defend.
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