Thursday, January 24th
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Rudy Giuliani may be appointed attorney general and that will be bad for Black males

Rudy Giuliani has a long time hate for Black males, regardless of social status, he even hates Black people in high positions of the Republican party. That hate is what led him to institute ‘stop-and-search’ of Black and Latino males during his time as Mayor of New York. Now that Donald Trump has won the presidential election, and the government is 80% Republican, Giuliani could be appointed as attorney general, and that gives him national power to implement his hate system across all states.

With that power in the hands of white bigoted cops, the abuse will be massive and violent. The prison industrial business will increase the incarcerated population to increase their cash flow. The police departments will systematically fire Black cops on trumped up charges, with the goal to make the department entirely white. Nothing good can come from this action.

To combat the impending racist onslaught from white cops, Black males will need to conform to social rules

  • Stop the gangsta attire
  • Drive cars in stock appearance
  • Drive at the speed limit
  • Keep the music low
  • Get educated


Faces Of A Mad White Man


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