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Racism is associated with uneducated white-trash: Research shows

In June 2016, a poor illiterate white-trash family tried to drown a 15 year old Black youth based on absolute dumb hate of his color. The boy was playing at the river with friends, some were white, then a toothless meth using white-trash, trailer park dwelling mother and her 2 sons attacked him. They shouted “die nigger”, beat him then held him under water. The other people eventually fought them off. They were later arrested and charged for hate crime.

The reality is that you may have to get a few legal guns and kill white-trash when they attack. Do not show mercy. If they attack you, kill them! Those kinds are not considered humans. Those white-trash trailer park dwellers tend to be strung out on meth drug and are like wild barbaric animals at that point. Their minds revert to their neanderthal state and all they want is the taste of blood. Do not try to reason with that white-trash animal. You have to kill it!

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