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If these are the idols of Black kids, their future prison sentence is guaranteed

These thug characters are the reason white people clutch their purse and lock their doors when they see Black males

The ‘gangsta’ rap genre is built on so-called ‘being real’ which means telling the true story of life in the ghetto. This is stupid, degrading and disgusting. If being ‘real’ is maintaining the gang violence, fights, drug trafficking, rape and burglary, why do it? Wouldn’t it be best to rap about the better way life should be for the poor, then do what it takes to make life in the ghetto much better?

It’s never easy to debate with ignorance, so this element will always exist unless educated or exterminated. No one wants the latter but if they refuse to be taught a better life, the white legal system has designed a system that rids them and turns them into slaves. But they are dumb to understand that.

Teach your kids, especially males, the better and upstanding social behavior. Keep this derogate music away from the kids and show them the factual consequences that await if they choose the path of ignorant ‘gangsta’ rapper.

To white folks, you should note that this gangsta image is not the norm among African Americans, nor is it the greater proportion of the community, as portrayed by the biased media. Also this bad element is not relegated to Black folks, as it is well known that many other ethnicities indulge in this lowlife and ignorant character.

Positive images of Black Males

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