Thursday, January 24th
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Have you had your racial hate rejection today?

The white bigots must either be planning something massive against Black people, or they are really this stupid. These brothas went into a CVS Pharmacy in Virginia, and the white staff ran to hiding and called the cops. They did nothing to warrant the behavior of the white bigot staff, and it was not their first visit to the store, and not the first time Black people have shopped at the store.

What was supposed to be a simple store run, ended up being one of the most bizarre experiences of Ricky Berry’s life, reported by ABC 8 News Virginia. He and his roommate went to purchase a grocery item at CVS Pharmacy in Carytown, Virginia and ended up having the police show up to harass them.

Berry and his roomate Philip Blackwell went to the store for cheese and asked the white employee if they sold sliced cheese. The white person kindly replied that they did not and walked away rapidly. Suddenly all the store employees left the front and completely disapperaed. Berry and Blackwell said they were in the store with another customer for more than 30 minutes alone, when an officer with the Richmond Police Department showed up.

As for the third customer who was as confused as the two roommates, Berry said, “he was in the store before we were”

“We were walking around trying to find an employee, and the cop himself ended up opening up the emergency door, which set the alarm off,” Berry explained. “A couple of minutes later, he got the call from the alarm company asking what was going on.”

So the officer joined in on the search for the missing employees. Berry recorded a video on his Snapchat account of what happened next.

Eventually, the employees were found in the back of the store hiding in a locked room. After making a few calls, the officer told the customers they had to leave.

“We’re being kicked out because they were scared of us and hiding.” The cop told them to leave premises or else they would be arrested for trespassing. “that flipped the script on all of us. We had no idea what was going on.”

Berry said the officer was kind and was just doing what he was told to do, and they hold no grudge towards him.

The action of the employees is clearly under instructions from a racist store manager.

A CVS spokes person apologized and said the employee who called the police will be interviewed and possibly retrained.


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