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Does Beyonce seem like she’s get lighter in skin complexion?

The super stars turned out in their $50,000 outfits, hairdos and jewelery at last weekends Tidal X 1015 showcase, and the Black women seemingly appeared lighter skin complexion. Was that just bad make up jobs or are they choosing to lose their black?

This has been a great debate at many forums, what with all the racial chatter befalling Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Many Black folks associate skin lightening and hair extensions and straightening are efforts to fit in with Whites or be compatible. It is common among the stars possibly because their pay check tend to be from wealthy White oligarchs and those ‘garchs may have hinted that being ‘too black’ is not acceptable in their presence.

These are female celebs who, in their younger and early career years, wore ‘nappy hair’ and had darker skin complexion.

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