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Do Black women hate their ‘nappy’ hair because of social pressure or that Black men prefer long and straight hair?


The debate about the Black woman and her obsession with weaves, wigs and chemical perms will never cease. The Black woman is the ONLY female on Earth who will change their hair from it’s natural form and texture to be beautiful. This is instilled in girls by their parents, primarily the mother, from childhood. Naturally because the mother and all her ancestors going back to slavery, have all been altering their hair to rid the ‘nappy’, because their white masters hated it. It later became a qualifying factor for employment and acceptance in social environs.

The bigger issue however, is the non support from Black men. Are Black men so hooked on straight and long hair that they have become the driving force behind the women who spend an average of $500 per month to ensure they are ‘acceptable’?

This video is of a woman who spend 30 minutes to appear entirely fake

Fake hair, eyebrows, eyelash, skin complexion, nails. If you must be so fake to achieve attention, why should you be trustworthy? Is this absolutely fake appearance what men desire?

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The media and beauty marketing intentionally demean Black women’s appearance in order to keep them hooked on buying fake hair, skin bleach and anything to keep cash flowing to the Asian owned business of beauty.


Asians mocking Black women for spending billions on fake hair yet seeking real men.

It’s not about keeping hair natural, it’s about keeping hair African!

Hair color change or even extending with braids is not deviating from the African appeal, and that’s what is at stake, loss of self. Why should white folks take Black women serious about their quest for equality when the Black woman spend time and money just to emulate their white counterpart?

Photos of women who hate their African attributes

These women support the $15 billion annual hair and beauty industry, and they are not earning a dime from it. Just to rid their African attributes. If ever there is a drug developed that will change black skin to white, these fools brainwashed fools will be the guinea pigs.

There is absolutely no other ethnicity that alters their hair to emulate the African ‘nappy’ hair!



Photos of Beautiful Black women who love their natural attributes

If all Black women loved their beautiful hair texture, the Asian hair supply would have failed.

Be Black. Be True. Be African. Be Beautiful
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