Thursday, January 24th
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A white 6 grade school teacher in Kansas told Black kids that white people are superior

Black parents in Kansas are upset, and rightly so, after a middle school teacher told children white people are more superior, and that the Black people will never earn as much as whites. In some sense that is indeed factual, if the employer happens to be white and bigoted. It would be absolutely true up to 1979, but today there are thousands of superior Black owned companies that will hire and pay the most qualified applicant.

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The kids reported to their parents that the teacher has always been abusive to the Black kids, and they have reported it to the school officials, but nothing was ever done. It is clear that the school is in on the bigotry, especially since they have only suspended the racist teacher with pay, with the usual ‘pending investigation’.

This is what happens when Black folks choose to believe in a ‘god’ given to them by the people who despise them. Then told to ‘leave all your troubles’ to that fictitious god and all will be well. NOTHING WILL BE WELL because the god does not exist. Only the man who gave you the god exists and he will continue to abuse you.

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