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1978 peace concert in Kingston, Jamaica

The political turmoil in Jamaica during 1970 – 1980 were violent, and Bob Marley along with other Jamaican musical celebrities held a concert to attempt to stimulate a peace treaty between the PNP and JLP, by visually uniting the leaders,

Internet illusions that make people famous

Nothings gains more attention than a video or photo that seems impossible or spectacular, and on the web, there are man. The most popular has been a rock in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. As you can see, there is no

Is Chanel Iman certifiable top model type?

Chanel Iman Robinson, born December 1, 1990 is an American top model, known professionally as Chanel Iman. She is best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Vogue Paris declared her as one of the top 30 models